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Frequently Asked Questions

A one-stop information and resource center to help streamline HR administrative tasks for companies—no matter the size. We focus on one-on-one personalized education for all employees regarding supplemental benefits, which they can later access for viewing on the HRIS software. Individual educational employee meetings combined with the HR management software helps reduce waste and cut company costs. We want to provide quality HR solutions for any size business.

Questions You May Have

If you are interested in our HRIS software or payroll software we provide and have questions regarding each system, we have the answers you are looking for. We want to help give you the right HRIS platform that fits with your business.  

Is there a cost to the client?

Great News! When offering Supplemental Benefits through BBforB, along with our personalized one-on-one agent-assisted enrollment, there is no cost to the client.

Is there a cost to the broker?

When a broker enters into a service agreement with BBforB, there is no charge to implement these services to their client base other than preferred pricing for ACA and Payroll.

How does partnering with BBforB affect my broker commissions?

In addition to retaining your health clients, and providing services, you will also receive a commission on the supplemental benefits being offered to the clients.

Can BBforB BOR my current health clients?

No, this goes against our business model of supporting our broker partners. We provide enrollment solutions and supplemental benefits.

Is there a contract?

There are client and broker service agreements that outline the requirements necessary to implement these services.

Are payroll services available to my clients?

Yes, BBforB can provide a national payroll platform direct to your clients at a preferred cost.

Is the platform able to support ACA reporting requirements?

The software does accommodate 1094 and 1095 reporting — certain data requirements may apply, In addition, we offer preferred pricing for reporting.

What are the implementation timelines?

This varies depending of the types of services being offered — typically this can range from as little as 1 week up to 8 weeks, also depending on the complexity of the case.

Is there a minimum group size?

The services offered varies from size of group, however we will enroll as few as 5 employees.

Is there a limit to the amount of groups eligible for these services?

There is no limit, we are constantly monitoring and evaluating our service team to meet and exceed our projected goals.

How are the employees enrolled in all benefits?

We support multiple agent-assisted enrollment options, which include paper, webinar, call-center, census enroll, and EDI feeds through our software services.

Do you provide bi-lingual support?

We support English or Spanish enrollments; other languages may be available upon request.

Does the system support multi-state enrollments?

Yes, we offer our agent-assisted online enrollment capabilities in all 50 states.

How is information provided to the carrier?

This depends on type of data requests – most information is provided via fillable, e-signed paper applications or spreadsheet, however EDI feeds may be allowable depending on carrier with proper requirements and approved timelines.

Is there a leave behind piece for the HR person?

Yes, we offer a fully functioning Human Resource Information System (HRIS) that is managed by the group.

Will I be provided my client's enrollment elections?

Yes, at the end of each enrollment, election forms and enrollment selections are provided via spreadsheet.

Will we be provided itemized payroll deductions, on either a Pre- or Post-tax basis following enrollment?

Yes, we have a full-service customer relations team in our corporate office that provides all of this information at the

close of enrollment.

Have More Questions?

Call us at 844-557-4572 to learn more about how our HRIS software and other HR solutions, along with exemplary customer and educational services, can benefit your business. We also offer demos for our HRIS platforms so that you can experience it for yourself and see if it will work for you. Request a demo today!