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HR managers everywhere always wonder why their new hire process is so long and are constantly looking for new innovative ways to efficiently get their new hire paperwork done. One onboarding solution is the answer HR departments are looking for to streamline their paperwork and get their new hire ready to start training for their new position.

Onboarding Solutions Causing HR Managers to Cry Happy Tears

How can onboarding software help HR managers? By not only shrinking the long new hire process but also helping both the manager and the employee starting the first day of work on the right foot. Instead of filling out piles of paperwork, the new hire gets to start company orientation or training immediately on their first day.

Employee access to new hire paperwork

With onboarding solutions or software, you can to send the new hire paperwork to the new employee via the software. They have access to fill out all the right paperwork and submit it all through the onboarding solution. If you send the new hire access before their first day, it is one less thing they do on their first day on the job.

Share company handbooks and company policies

Onboarding solutions help your company save money and the planet by helping you avoid having to print out your handbooks and policies for your employees. Employees find their employee handbook and company policies all within the onboarding software. They have access to reference it at any time by simply logging on to their employee portal.

Onboarding Software Helps HR Managers with Their New Hire Paperwork

When you begin using onboarding software, you begin to see all your onboarding work shrink due to the efficiency of the software. You won’t have to worry about having to prepare for the new hire process. All you have to do on a new hire’s first day is shake their hand and welcome them to your company.

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