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Employers are beginning to see their employees have bigger smiles than usual and the reason is the dental coverage they are offered through their supplemental employee benefits. Employees are getting the dental work they need and having fewer toothaches at work, helping them miss less work.

What Is Dental Coverage?

Dental insurance coverage helps with a variety of dental procedures and emergency procedures. Your employees won’t have to pay out-of-pocket expenses whether it is just a simple routine cleaning or a root canal procedure. They will also have a choice to continue going to their existing dentist or choose one offered in the supplemental benefit.

How Dental Coverage Brings Big Smiles to Your Employees’ Faces

Supplemental benefits like dental coverage are what employees look for in a company. This helps make their working life more appealing knowing their employer has their health and wellness in mind.

Cleaner teeth means healthier teeth

Giving your employees the opportunity to visit a dentist annually helps with their overall dental health. When their teeth are clean and cared for, they are less likely to miss work for a toothache or a dental issue. If they do have to miss work for a dental issue, they are covered to visit their dentist and take care of their issue.

General appreciation for their employer

When you begin offering employee benefits, your employees appreciate the thought you took in considering their well being. They can feel relief and stress-free knowing their job has considered all aspects of their health and well being. They come into work smiling from ear-to-ear knowing their smile was important when you chose supplemental benefits for them.

Plethora of Supplemental Benefits to Smile About

There are so many supplemental benefits to choose, giving your employees even more things to smile about while working at your company. If your employees get cheesy smiles when you offer dental coverage, imagine how they will feel when you provide them with additional supplemental benefits.

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