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As a business owner, you choose the right employee benefits from which your employees actually benefit. But have you ever considered critical illness coverage as an employee supplemental benefit? Critical illness coverage for employees gives your employee support for an illness they fear puts their employment at risk. Give them the tranquility they need with the right critical illness coverage.

What Is Critical Illness Coverage?

If you have an employee who suffered an incident dealing with their critical illness, it keeps them from work, and they worry about how they will make ends meet. Critical illness coverage helps an employee with a diagnosed critical illness stay covered in the event of illness preventing them from coming into work. It will help cover hospital bills and at-home care when the employee needs it after an incident prevents them from working.

3 Reasons to Offer Critical Illness Coverage

According to the American Heart Association, a heart-related incident happens to someone every 34 seconds and every 40 seconds, someone has a stroke. With these statistics, a critical illness coverage for employees helps them stay prepared for an unforeseen incident.


One thing your employee shouldn’t have to worry about after a critical illness incident is their employment or how they will get an income if they aren’t at work. Critical illness coverage helps your employee during their recovery time. They recover with peace-of-mind knowing they will have their job when they come back.

Support they need

If you have several employees with critical illnesses, coverage for these illnesses helps them feel supported by their employer. They have the sense that you value them, and you have the best in mind for them while they work in your company.

Benefit directly to your employee

When your employee is off work due to their critical illness, they receive a direct benefit to cover their usual cost of living expenses. They will also have the chance to get additional benefits if they are diagnosed with additional critical illness covered by the insurance.

Critical Illness Coverage Benefits Everyone in Your Company

Critical illness coverage is useful even when an employee doesn’t have a diagnosed critical illness. The coverage extends to their family members as a safety net for the future. Help prepare your employees for a critical illness incident by providing the critical illness coverage as part of their supplemental benefits.

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