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Human resources managers discovered the secret to efficient benefit enlistment with agent-assisted enrollment. With enrollment software, you manage the entire enrollment process and are notified of any missing enrollments. Consider an agent-assisted enrollment next time for your benefits enrollment.

Why Agent-assisted Enrollment Is Efficient for HR Managers

When benefit enrollment period comes by, HR managers already stress over employees not enrolling on time or the process being difficult for their employees to complete. With agent-assisted enrollment, all of these troubles go away, and you effectively complete your benefits enrollment.

Missing enrollment problem solved

Many employees leave signing up for their benefits enrollment until the last minute. It adds stress to HR managers to have to reach out to these last-minute employees and get them to enroll. Agent-assisted enrollment helps you by giving you a list of employees not enrolled conveniently in your software and gives you the chance to message them directly to help them not miss the enrollment deadline.

Employee convenience in mind

Benefit enrollment for employees takes time for employees to complete, as they may not know if their options for benefits will actually benefit them. When using an agent-assisted enrollment software, your employees have access to seeing their Health Savings Account and see their benefit options they are getting offered. They will also see all of their supplemental benefits conveniently on one screen.

Agent-assisted enrollment software also offers payroll integration automatically within the software. Employee deductions automatically update with your payroll provider, and pay stubs are easily viewed on the employee benefit portal. Enrollment software is made to be convenient for your employees to see their enrollment and enroll efficiently.

Agent-assisted Enrollment Software for HR Managers

HR managers have to focus on many different aspects, and agent-assisted enrollment software helps them streamline their tasks more efficiently, so they have more time to focus on their employees and their needs. HR solutions conveniently take care of many administrative tasks HR managers need to do but might not have time for.

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